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E-commerce Projects

We maintain a strong e-commerce portfolio and have delivered successful solutions for a range of enterprise-level clients.

Effective e-commerce websites require strong inventories and order management systems, as well as the ability to keep track of cross-channel communications with customers. Our e-commerce team relies on its vast experience and expertise in tailored CMSs, web design and UX/UI, as well as the financial transactions and shipping procedures.

We have built websites with over 300,000 SKUs, cycling more than 500,000 users per month.

Sample projects:

Mutual Screw & Supply is a leading distributor of world-class industrial fasteners and accessories. The company also offers a number of value-added services such as shipments across the US, custom manufacturing, custom packaging, air shipments, etc. The website’s product range exceeds 150,000 items across over 40 categories. Several years ago we were called in to replace another team, with the aim of modifying and optimizing the platform in order to meet new challenges and changing realities. Some of the specific tasks within this project included:

Developing an advanced discount and coupon system based on customer order histories;
Integration with a third party POS system.

Med Supplies Shop is an online store offering more than 300,000 products. We have arranged automatic inventory updates as well as integration with various drop shipping service providers, helping the store administrators to manage multiple customer orders.

Paramount Caviar is one of the major caviar distributors within the United States, awarded with two Chefs in America Gold Medals for product consistency and quality. Some of the most prestigious gourmet retailers nationwide as well as the greatest Michelin 3-star restaurants use Paramount Caviar.

Due to the restrictions imposed during the COVID crisis, the client has been forced to urgently adjust its business model from predominantly brick and mortar sales to online distribution. Our team’s rapid website upgrade has allowed the client to return to a high sale rate and attract new customers.

Tech stack used

  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • ColdFusion

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