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Radio Planning System

This is the third project assigned to us since 2011 by our long-running partner Aviat Networks. This time, we were asked to develop a complex multi-parameter system to help our customer’s clients select the right radio equipment (towers, antennas, receivers) and manage it online.

The system uses several APIs and databases with geolocation data, weather statistics, terrain characteristics and information about signal obstacles.

This project combines physics and mathematics, and we have been closely involved in work with radio signal calculations. As a result, we have created a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive system that brings added value to Aviat’s service.

Tech stack used

  • Node.js
  • MongoJS (MongoDB)
  • ExpressDB
  • Python 2.7
  • NumPy
  • PostGIS
  • Angular
  • n3charts
  • Leaflet
  • PDFmake
  • GoogleMaps
  • jQuery
  • d3Charts
  • Geolib

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