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Cloud-based Creative Asset Management Platform

Our customer, the world’s leading creative production platform and collaborative workspace GlobalEdit®, hired us to help transform their legacy application based on Adobe Flash technology and on-site data center.

2019 became a turning point for the company for several reasons:

   1. Acquisition of a wave of new clients beyond the data center’s capabilities;
   2. The need to implement new features and functionalities;
   3. The expected Flash end-of-life by the end of 2020.

The combination of these factors called for a fundamental upgrade to the whole system.

Our goal was to design a scalable and robust cloud-based solution using SaaS technologies. We have assigned a dedicated team of 30 people who have developed a totally new frontend and backend architecture, implemented a number of innovative features and enhanced the overall functionality and user experience as a result. This was especially crucial during the ‘remote revolution’, when GlobalEdit® saw a 300% increase in downloads over just one month in spring.

GlobalEdit® relied fully on our team’s expertise and resources in order to comfortably migrate existing clients to the new platform and provide the necessary customer support.

The new Digital Asset Management (DAM) system allows creative teams to store, edit and deliver their marketing assets, both photo and video, even more seamlessly. Workflow is centralized and production times have been cut in half. Customers can access their assets without interruption, enjoying all the efficiencies the cloud offers.

Cloud-based Creative Asset Management Platform

Tech stack used

Backend, Frontend
  • .Net Core
  • Redis
  • Couchbase
  • Elasticsearch
  • TypeScript
  • ReactJS
  • ElectronJS
  • DynamoDB
  • Lambdas
  • Cognito
  • API Gateway
  • S3
  • EC2
  • Fargate containers
  • Batch
  • CloudFront
  • TestCafe
  • Azure DevOps Services

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