JAVA Development Services

Java Development

JAVA DevelopmentOur Team at Ecom Solutions has extensive experience developing and launching Applications on the Java Platform. We are always responsive to new promising technology, therefore we have turned to Java along the years continuing to leverage its power and test its limits.

Why Java?

Java Software development, with its set of libraries and commonly used solutions is a versatile environment which covers almost every business domain. Java is a powerful, proven Software Development Platform that has been in the IT market for many years, and this means project owners can be confident their Java endeavors will be supported by a large community.

The World of Java

Here are the areas where Java is very proficient:

  1. Corporate Web Development and Content Management Systems. Built for processing complex data structures, Java is a great platform for developing projects that have inter-related multi objects. Java is often used along with frameworks such as Spring and Play! within Enterprise Management Systems.
  2. Mobile Development. As Android APIs were provided in Java, this had software developers already familiar with it allowing them to build an amazing amount of Applications. This means Java helped Android conquer the mobile market and become one of the most used platforms.
  3. Reactive programming with Scala, as a new popular paradigm allowing quick updates of objects when conditions change. Java streamlines reactive principles with help from special libraries and advanced language compatibility with the rest of the Java world. In this manner, Java is used to develop interactive user interfaces and real-time systems.
  4. JVM Environment and electronic platforms that use the Java Virtual Machine. Java usage goes beyond the realm of traditional development areas because there are many hardware platforms designed to utilize Java. Satellite hardware, medical equipment and many platforms for managing remote devices work because of Java APIs.

Our expertise

We are the team of experienced Java professionals who can design, develop and maintain effective high-performance scalable enterprise applications strating from requirement analysis to production development. We have a strong experience in:
  • Object Oriented Design and Programming
  • Design Patterns
  • Core Java (J2SE)
  • Java Concurrency and Multithreading
  • Enterprise Java Stack
  • Spring Framework
  • JPA and Hibernate ORM
  • Web Services (REST and SOAP)
  • RDBMS: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Apache Lucene and SOLR
  • AWS Stack (S3, DynamoDB, Lambdas, Elastic Beanstalk)

In order to appreciate our Java Development Services, do not hesitate to contact our Team.