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Do you need to build business software from scratch, migrate to the cloud or update your legacy systems?
Struggling to find the resources within the time limit?
We take on projects where others give up!

EcomSolutions has been offering development services for 20 years, sharing our successes with world-renowned clients.

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Every custom software engineering project is challenging for both parties.
So, what's our secret to a 100% success rate with 200+ projects?
We owe it to our strong values:
Strong professional background
Agile management and a well-tuned team
Loyalty and dedication to customers' needs

All of this pays off: 80% of our clients choose to work with us again!


Who we are

EcomSolutions is a New York-based software development company founded in 2002. We have evolved from a market-leading web studio to a world-class engineering company with a cutting-edge tech stack, top-tier service delivery and an unbeaten track record.

Both periods have been marked by big name clients, from National Geographic, America Magazine and Scientific American in the early stages to the Academy of Political Science online journal, GlobalEdit, Aviat Networks and many others today.

Our vast expertise and focus are now centred on finance, trading, e-commerce, manufacturing, logistics, telecommunications, media, healthcare, and education.

We have a multi-stage selection process for new team members, gathering and nurturing the best programming minds.

We make daily efforts to build long-term relations, both with our team members and clients. Some of our developers have been with EcomSolutions since its very inception, and some clients have stayed with us for over a decade. That's because we trust each other.

Together, we have completed over 200 projects in total, with a 100% success rate.

EcomSolutions is customer-centric and agile in every respect: we do everything we can to provide the highest level of service.

We believe in marketing, but most of all we believe in hard work and communication. We help companies to transform and scale up business confidently and steadily, adjusting to customers' needs.

Our clients often choose us to help them where other providers have failed.

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As respected market leaders, we have always deployed cutting-edge technologies, innovative stacks and rigorous methodologies. We are committed to delivering efficient solutions with a strong technical backend and a beautiful, user-friendly interface.

Currently, our core stack and best practices are based on Angular and React for the frontend, and Python and Node.js for backend development.

At the same time, we remain strong when it comes to "good old" ColdFusion while keeping abreast of emerging technologies including blockchain, AI, ML, IoT, and serverless computing.

Official Partnerships:
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EcomSolutions is a full stack development service provider.
We deliver complex custom software solutions covering frontend, backend, and DevOps. Our key services include:
  • Custom development
  • SaaS development
  • Enterprise CMS
  • Database development
  • Cloud migration
  • Web development
  • App development
  • API integrations
  • DevOps
  • Software testing
  • Hosting and support
  • Audit and consulting
  • Project management
  • Dedicated teams

Our expertise

what our customers say


ColdFusion Web Development
(working period: dec 2015 - may 2018)

"Best person to ask about your ColdFusion system support and development!"

Shakhruz Ashirov – Crypto Investor, trader, full stack, blockchain, VR/AR developer

Python Web Development
(working period: oct 2019 - may 2020)

"Alex and his team are very knowledgeable and professional. They helped me with Python, Django, and AWS. I would highly recommend using him for web development"

Scott Gelfound – CPA, Forensic Accountant at CMM, LLP

Software Development & Management
(working period: dec 2017 - apr 2018)

"I highly recommend Alex as an outstanding project leader. He has the talent to select highly dedicated guys and orchestrates the most complicated custom software projects. It's not rare that Alex takes up the tasks when others had given up. I've known him for a long time and trust 100%"

Inessa Katz – Founder & CEO at Any-Dev LTD

Python & Angular Web Development
(working period: jan 2019 - nov 2019)

"Alex and his team developed a complicated Website (Angular) and Server side (Python) . The project also included a Rest/API interface to a third party interface. The team was very professional and very responsive (even during the weekend!). We were really happy with the result of this project, the quality of the work was outstanding. There were very few issues since we moved to production. If we will have new projects in the future Alex and his team will be our first choice."

Yoram Bar-On – Project Manager at Shield4uc Inc.

Python Web Development
(working period: oct 2019 - present)

"Alex is an excellent partner. He genuinely cares about the quality of work and service that his team provides. Our partnership with EcomSolutions has grown because of the relationship that has been built with Alex over the last two years. His team is vital to our company's success. Thank you for growing with us and continuing to be a great solution oriented partner."

Brian Gavin – President at globaledit®

Python Web Development
(working period: 2011 - present)

"Alex and EcomSolutions have been providing web and tools development services to Aviat for 9 years now. They have built a large amount of trust as well as a significant level of understanding of Aviat's applications and needs. This team has been highly flexible, responsive, and professional over the years and I recommend them for complex web and cloud tools development."

Gary Croke – Vice President Marketing at Aviat Networks

ElectronJS Windows desktop application
(working period: may 2020 - aug 2020 )

"EcomSolutions is extremely good at understanding complex issues and creating elegant solutions to solve them quickly.
I have worked with Alexander and the team to develop and deliver an ElectronJS Windows desktop application. From start to finish and beyond, the team was extremely fast in the turnaround time for the modifications requested. I look forward to working with EcomSolutions again on future projects!"

William Winford - IT Support at Odyssey RFID

ISO fast-attack Python guru
(working period: feb 2018 - apr 2018)

"Kudos to Alex and his team! Great to work with, quality results, and an all-around excellent experience!"

Cold Fusion 11 Urgent Help
(working period: apr 2018)

"Alex was extremely responsive and appreciative of the urgency of our situation. Within 30 minutes Alex got on call with me and we started troubleshooting. After 1 hour of work vital for the business site was up and running and I was given a good amount of best practice recommendations. I would definitely recommend Alex for all of your business critical needs related to web-based platform."

Amazon: Buy Shipping API Integration
(working period: nov 2016)

"ColdFusion master!!!!!"

Algo Trading Software
(working period: Jun 2018 - Nov 2018)

"Alex and his team are incredible software engineers, very professional, competent and resourceful. Most importantly, Alex is a dependable partner when difficult situations present themselves in a project, as he does not back down. He will painstakingly troubleshoot the problems until he reaches the desired 5/5 outcome and makes his client 100% satisfied with the results. Fantastic job Alex, thank you for the hard work!"

Trading Algo 2.0
(working period: Nov 2018 - Dec 2018)

"Incredible software engineer, very skilled team, it was a great pleasure working again with Alex, very satisfied with the end result. Very highly recommended."

Full stack Python Developer with a strong knowledge of Angular 7
(working period: May 2019 - Jun 2019)

"We are really happy with the team of Alex. The system is in production for a few month, our customers are so happy, this couldn't happen without the outstanding work of the team. The team is professional and handled the issues that we raised so quickly!"

ColdFusion Expert, Advanced JavaScript, Raphael JS Library
(working period: dec 2017 - apr 2018)

"Alexander and his team have done great work. They are responsive, easy to work with and produce quality results."

ColdFusion: Amazon Feed API : Inventory Feed
(working period: jun 2017 )

"Great job as usual"

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