Widgets are interesting and eye-catching add-ons to any Publication Website that are intended to keep readers and visitors on the site, engage them, challenge them, and encourage them to collaborate. Content may or may not be related, based on the Editor's choice to the Publication. Widgets may include:


Polls may pose various preferred content-related questions to readers and gives them a choice to vote on past, present and future experiences and preferences. Polls may be a good feedback source for the Publication staff.

Brain Teasers / Questions

Brain teasers and questions will keep readers connected, while they account for variety and challenge. Multiple-choice, true-or-false, and any other-wise structured preferred content-related questions can be posted in these sections.


Channeled preferred content-related surveys intended to heighten collaboration and bring feedback may be posted. The Publication may be able to wisely inquiry, survey, and respectively take future action based on reader and subscriber survey results.

In The News

Random or channeled news related content may be available for readers and subscribers upon following the IN THE NEWS link.

From our Archives – Article Link

Random, permanent, or periodically swapped Item or Archive article content may be accessible to the readers and subscribers via this link. The link may be directed to an Abstract, or the article itself, while the content may be free, or available for a fee. The archived Article or Item in question may be offered as a free incentive to bring new subscribers, donation contributors, individuals who fill out surveys, participate in polls, or any other desired combination.

Subscriber Hotline - Phone #

This visual impact feature will inform the readers, visitors, and current or potential future subscribers about the availability of a phone line where they can access information and subscribe to the Publication.

Online Exclusive

A suggested ONLINE EXCLUSIVE section, preferably advertised in the print issues may be added to the Publication Website and it may be comprised of a few interesting sections that will draw the print subscriber to the improved, content rich site. Suggestions for the online exclusive section, controlled from the CMS, include Article Reviews, Book Reviews, Abstracts, Future Developments, Media, or other desired Publication related sections.