Optional Timed Archive and Access

Subscribers and individuals who purchase Articles, Issues, Reviews, or any combination item packs may have timed access to the Archive. A specific time-frame such as 6 Months or One Year can be implemented before password-secure individual account access to download items expires. If an account holder purchases an 8 Article Pack, for example, they will have access to the Archive for a full calendar year to download their choice of 8 Articles from the Archive before the privilege expires.

Archive Inside Pages

Clients and Subscribers will arrive to the Archive using the Search Form, clicking on the Publication's Archive Link, or from outside sources. The archive inside pages may provide the subscribers with the appropriate information, an Article Abstract, and secure online purchase forms integrated and streamlined with the Fulfillment Company. Additional options will be added on the inside pages and they can include links to Subscribe, Register, Access Personal Information, Bookmark Article or Item, E-Newsletter Signup, or View FAQ.

Creation of Relational Database for vending

In order for files (Articles, Issues, Reviews) on hand to be arranged for vending, a relational Database needs to be set-up. EcomSolutions will create a Database which will contain the individual files, and avail them for marketing and vending via the Website. The files residing in the Database may be searchable by Article Title, Author Name, Subject, and Short Description.

Password Structure and Mechanism

We have extensive experience with setting up and implementing various password systems (with and without user-types / privileges) and login mechanisms for Publications. The EcomSolutions Team will thoroughly discuss the options with the Publications' staff, further analyze, and consider all relevant aspects before implementation of a password system that will follow a logical structure and fall within requirements.

Merchant Account Implementation

Merchant Account set-up, implementation, and advice for handling Online Financial Transactions is available. Publications who wish to apply alternative strategies for handling new Online Subscriptions, and control interaction with the Fulfillment Company as per their own financial strategy will be helped and advised throughout the process. The use of WebServices for synchronization and communication with the Fulfillment Company is an option.

Advertising and Online Marketing Campaigns

A custom Advertising Campaign designed to deliver multiple-option marketing messages and banners can be coded and implemented in the CMS, laying out the foundation towards increased revenue for the Publication.

The Advertising Campaign may allow clients to advertise both in the traditional print version of the Publication and on the Publication's Website. The management of the multi-optional Advertising Campaign will be available and accessible to the staff and editors from the custom CMS.

In the CMS, the Advertising Campaign staff will have the following further customizable options:

  • Ads Pages – Custom page names for posting ads or banners (Examples include Home Page, Inside Article Page, and any other desired locations) with options to add, edit, or delete page names and locations.
  • Ads Advertisers – Custom section containing Advertiser name, link address or URL, and appropriate actions to edit or delete the subfields. The section will also contain access to click-through statistics for the specific Ad or Ad Campaign.
  • Ads Zones – Section will contain the page name (as defined in the Ads Pages section), the zone name (Ex: Homepage Left Navigation Pane - Upper, etc.), active status, and size of the Ad, along with the appropriate actions to edit or delete the selected Ad or Ad Campaign. A box where the Ad or Ad Campaign HTML code is entered will accompany every entry in the section.
  • Ads Banners – The Ads Banners section will give access and overview of the name, weight, placement zone, Advertiser, and statistics for the Ads or Ad Campaigns engaged.
  • weight is a feature whereas Banners and Ads will be assigned a "weight level" depending on the importance of the Ad in question. A popular weight set-up example assigns Ads with weight 0, 1, or 2. Ad with weight 0 will be inactive. An Ad with assigned weight 2 will be displayed twice as frequently as Ad with assigned weight 1. Different combinations may be set-up and implemented based on WQ preference, Ad Campaign and goals.

Media Kits

Media Kits will be designed by the Publication's staff, may be posted online in the ADVERTISE WITH US section, and be readily available to Advertisers. Media Kits can be pre-designed or custom-designed to fit the Publication's advertising goals, and accommodate Advertiser preferences. Furthermore, Media Kits may be categorized to advertise in Print, or Online.