Feature Sets and Applications

Publication Shop / Online Store

EcomSolutions has developed, and holds an extensive portfolio of fully functional, successfully implemented Online Stores. An Online Store can be added to any Publication Website and it will help contribute to the Brand Identity and Revenue. Advances in technology helped the development of state-of-the-art, streamlined seamless Online Stores, and reviews show that more and more internet users turn to and chose Online Stores for purchases and gift giving.

The Online Store will have user-friendly, extensive, multi-optional, and multi-informational Command Modules, fully integrated with the Publication Website, the third-party Financial Fulfillment Company, and the CMS. Online Store features will include, but not be limited to seamlessly integrated Shopping Cart, Checkout Process, Shipping Options, Revenue and Tax Reports, Multi-Optional Selling Reports, User and Administrator Login information, and extra features to be discussed and implemented upon agreement. The Store can be designed, built, and subsequently used by the Publication to market and sell selected proprietary current and future items. Some suggestions may include:

  • Available Print Issues
  • Publication Memorabilia
  • Publication related Apparel
  • Gift Purchase / Gift Cards, Coupons, Gift Subscriptions
  • Framed Covers
  • Framed Article Snippets / Abstracts / Media
  • Framed Photography, various Publication related Media, etc

Services Section

The services section is comprised of several optional, customizable features and links useful to visitors, readers, and potential Publication subscribers. Suggestions include, but are not limited to:

Locate Newsstand

The Newsstand Page may feature a pull-down menu selection, powered by a database, and organized by US State for locating the nearest Newsstand where the Publication's print version may be purchased. Custom links to the Archive and the Store could be strategically placed on the inside page.


Tax-Deductible donations may be accepted on behalf of the Publication, and other Organizations. This lays out the possibility for a multi-functional and multi-optional donation page, where individuals or corporations may financially contribute to the Publication or Foundation. A combination of possible free Magazine subscription, Store gift or other preferred benefits may be offered to all, or select contributors along with their donation. The donation page is to be streamlined with the Financial Fulfillment Company and will incorporate an online transaction form.

Newsletter Sign-up

This feature will enable clients or partners to sign-up for Newsletter distribution by allowing them to fill in a form with their name, e-mail and privacy options. Newsletters may be sent with alternating, or set time frequencies, such as monthly, per issue, or any other desired time frame. The module, available from the CMS, will be used to create and send Newsletters, email marketing campaigns, competitions or proactive communications to subscribers.

Member Services / FAQ

The Member Services and Frequently Asked Questions page may hold important information about the Publication's subscribers or member benefits and privileges, along with questions and answers to common topics, concerns or issues.

Customer Service

Will enable subscribers to gain access to mailbox, telephone, and e-mail information or contact the Publication regarding issues such as subscribing to the magazine, paying their bill, check the status of their subscription, renewing their subscription, changing personal account information, sending a gift, and any other desired functions.

Privacy Policy / Statement

Will hold and display the Privacy Statement(s) of the Publication and Website.

Submission Guidelines

The page will feature information and requirements for submitting articles to the Publication, along with the mailing address for correspondence, and any other pertinent info. A digital form may be implemented on the page, whereas interested writers or contributors may contact the editor, or ask additional questions about the article submission process.