EcomSolutions, Inc. offers to Publications a feature-packed system that showcases exclusive Website publication technologies.

We provide Services to established Publications with existing online presences that need re-designs and additional features, as well as Print Only Publications wishing to showcase their publication Online, and start-up Publications.

The Content Management Solution (CMS) is one of our company's unique selling points and has continually evolved over the past 5 years, becoming more powerful with each project. Effective deployment of the CMS allows Publications and users to easily manage complex Website functions. The order fulfillment process is often incorporated into the CMS, facilitating order notifications, tracking and record keeping. The CMS can also be configured to suit the needs of any organization, allowing clients to easily manage all aspects of their Websites content without any outside assistance.

The Publication Websites that EcomSolutions, Inc. creates are easily managed and hassle-free, and if issues should arise, we are just a quick e-mail or phone call away. Standard, office-based support is available, as Publication Website Maintenance is a Service we offer to our clients. The bottom line is that our clients can depend on us to always respond promptly when needed.

Features and options of our Online Publication System

Professional Design and Navigation

The usability and navigation of the site will be of utmost importance in the organizational architecture of a Publication Website. Therefore, the EcomSolutions Team will work with the Publication's staff to streamline the navigation, categorize and group information as appropriate. A thorough review of existing and newly planned content will also be taken into consideration before the final visual and functional components are assembled.

Architecture and Structural Design

EcomSolutions creates general layouts for Online Publications that adhere to the latest trends in Online Publishing, with plenty of information, while carefully keeping them as simple and as uncluttered as possible. We achieve this by using a carefully laid-out grid and organizing information to be presented hierarchically, while balancing out the amount of images used with the text.

The navigation panes need to lend themselves to browsing for information and content relevant to the Publication. A general Publication design idea is that there has to be a strong, consistent branding for the Publication that is in concordance with its strategy.

The Website will provide interactivity and encourage participation from users so as to add more value to visitors and subscribers of the Publication. On the Publication Website, information will be found in a variety of ways. Linearly, by use of global search, as well as by specific filters such as "Top rated", "Most viewed", "Most emailed", "Most commented", etc. "Related posts" and "Users also viewed" information may also appear based on the users' or subscribers' current activity or preferences that they set.

Allowing readers to comment on posts more immediately as well as be able to read what others think also further encourages user participation. They can also Rate articles, Link, Add to favorites, Print and E-mail them to a friend. Our Publication Website will allow personalization from users, which will encourage routine visits and will contribute to site activity and traffic.