Sub-Contracting your IT needs to Ecom Solutions

In order to keep up with the ever-changing technology one must always have resources available; therefore, in case you need help, we are here. Our company is based in the U.S. and has the ability to offer its services, at excellent rates, per contract, or per monthly/hourly basis. Many Companies prefer appointing Ecom Solutions as a Web Development Sub-contractor, develop a quality driven, contract-secured long-term relationship with us, while saving valuable extra time and resources.

Who can benefit by Sub-Contracting with our Company:

  • IT Development Firms that have overhead
  • Firms that have established relationships with clients needing techology for which they don't have resources for, or lack technical expertise for deployment.
  • Companies that prefer working with a dedicated Team of programmers and Project Managers in their time-zone, as opposed to outsourcing contracts to shady or questionable overseas Firms.
  • Organizations that feel comfortable working on Contractual Terms, and need guaranteed USA timely delivery.
  • Development Firms that like to handle clients themselves, and develop secure business relationships with us based on Non-Disclosure-Agreements.
  • Extensive long term Contracts (Government, Educational, Financial) that require a vast amount of development resources.
  • Organizations that do not have the desire or resources to employ full-time staff dedicated to certain Projects.

One of our specialists will be glad to discuss the possibility to hire our Team, based on availability and the nature of the Project, as a Sub-Contractor

Ecom Solutions Sub-Contracting expertise:

  • Legacy Applications
  • ColdFusion Programming & Analysis
  • Microsoft .NET Programming & Analysis
  • JAVA Programming and Analysis
  • Adobe Flex Projects
  • Archive & Database Works
  • Financial Applications
  • Intranet Architecture and Programming
  • Analytics, IT Consulting and Project Development (Staging, Management, through Deployment)
  • Website and Intranet Development