Google Checkout ColdFusion Integration


Google checkout is an exciting new way for merchants to allow customers to complete the checkout process of their online transactions. The benefit of using Google Checkout is that it allows customers to shop you online store, while providing them with a felling of security knowing they are not handing over their personal information to some unknown company.

Google Checkout and ColdFusion

Integrating Google Checkout with ColdFusion is something that can be done by an expert ColdFusion development team. Having had much experience in E-commerce development, and the integration of google APIs with ColdFusion, EcomSolutions is ready to assist existing, and new, ColdFusion based E-commerce web stores with the integration of Google Check out. Fill out the request quote form with the details of you project, and one of our service representatives will contact you and let you know what options you have for integrating Google Checkout with ColdFusion.