The intricate process of creating and administrating relational Databases and spawned Database-driven Archives is a task that not many Web Development Companies dare to pursue. At EcomSolutions our expertise allows us to leverage the skills needed to deploy such complex operations successfully at the Enterprise Level. We are available to discuss your Database & Archive needs, and help you implement your Project based on your vision, strategy, and further consultation.

Database Works

When delivering a data-driven Application or Website, our Team has the right understanding and appreciation for the intricacies of Database Design and Development. Ecom Solutions has been writing complex database queries that power high traffic Websites, across all major database vendors: MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, or Sybase.

Our relational database experts have created many custom Website Search Engines, reporting systems, and tools for import/export, data-mining, and data sanitization. We have also provided DB consultation, and worked with clients to develop data management strategies based on their preferences and following logical processes.

Database Structure and Configuration - Enhance execution time and performance of Database queries

MS SQL Sever Optimization - Index and data organization and optimization for better performance

Database Security - Injection protection, testing, vulnerability checks

We are accustomed to complex requests for Database Works, are ready to answer your questions, offer consulting, and deploy resources for Database Projects.

Archive Works

Database-driven Archives are one of the key features of a Website, and can serve as the backbone to bringing income for an Organization. The Archive, or Archive / E-Commerce combination Solutions implemented by EcomSolutions will allow for multi-optional purchasing directly from a Website, will be streamlined with the appropriate transaction forms, and the current Financial Fulfillment Company.

Upon digitizing and converting your data into searchable files, the content and objects will carefully be uploaded and find permanent residence in a Database Server of choice (Relational Database Management System).

The vending of the items contained in the Archive can be managed from a custom designed back-end CMS, will offer detailed information, and will automatically create and avail full reports about transactions, amounts, fees, client account information, and taxes for individual items or packs.

The further customizable set-up can allow for purchasing of individual items, or packages, as per the client's preference. One example of tiered vending of Publication / Magazine issues and articles for a fee can be:

  • Purchase Individual Article
  • Purchase Article Pack (set amount of articles)
  • Purchase Issue
  • Purchase Issue Pack (set amount of issues)
  • Purchase Individual reviews
  • Purchase reviews Pack
  • Purchase Individual Book Reviews
  • Purchase Donation – and receive free item
  • Purchase Gift – receive free item
  • Unlimited access to Archive for a specific time period

It is the competency of our client to set prices, time intervals, structure, and itemize the multi-vending packs based on their strategic, marketing, tactical, and financial goals. Our technical ability, flexibility, and expertise will help creating the multi-functional Archive upon the client's preferences and further consultancy.

Timed Archive and Access

A Magazine subscriber - for example, and individuals who purchase Articles, Issues, Reviews, or any combination item packs can have timed access to the Archive. A specific time-frame such as 6 Months or One Year can be implemented before password-secure individual account access to download items expires. If an account holder purchases an 8 Article Pack, for example, they will have access to the Archive for a full calendar year.