Custom Content Management Systems (CMS)

We specialize in complex, Enterprise Level Content Management Systems embedded within Intranet Applications, or a Website's secure back-end module. The outstanding usability of our CMS can be tailored for any Industry.

The Websites and Custom Applications developed and delivered by EcomSolutions can be equipped with an easy-to-use, robust Content Management System. Any elected functionality features, along with additional design elements or financial tools can be added and seamlessly integrated within the existing CMS frame subsequently.

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Usability and User Friedly Interface

Our custom CMS will allow for non-technical staff members to add, edit or delete HTML content areas of the Website or Application based on the individual user’s role-based permissions in the system. This way, the client will have complete control over the direction of the content of the Website and will be able to execute updates conveniently and quickly in order to keep the selected content current. With minimal training, a Web Editor will be able to change text and image elements of the pages on the Website, and add new pages using a simple web-based browser.

Our programmers will carefully review, program, add, execute tasks, and test the custom features, allowing for flexibility and future needed changes.

CMS Benefits:

  • Our Content Management System facilitates development, editing and publishing of content on a Web site.
  • The CMS establishes defined publishing rights, which can then be appropriately assigned by Management.
  • Reduces the amount of time needed for training, while allowing more people to publish content.
  • Use of the CMS System will curtail the daily number of calls to the IT department to request Website changes, in larger Organizations.
  • Content can be published faster, a positive development for any fast-paced organization.
  • Information is presented consistently on any Web site. Inconsistent and poorly designed content plagues many sites.
  • Allows for a significantly improved Web site search process.
  • Guarantees better content security by controlling the ability to publish to a Web site.
  • For E-commerce Websites, the order fulfillment process is often incorporated into the CMS, facilitating order notifications, tracking and record keeping.
  • Publishing efforts can be more readily measured; the CMS can track exactly who is publishing what content, how quickly material is being published, whether the publication schedule is being adhered to, and ascertaining if out-of-date content is being removed quickly enough.
  • The CMS really shows its outstanding value when an organization has lots of authors and editors, is based at multiple locations, and publishes substantial quantities of content on an ongoing basis.

Content Management System