ColdFusion Support


Ecom Solutions offers a no-hassle way to get support for your ColdFusion products and services right when you need it. We offer a wide range of services to ensure that your needs are met. We have years of experience in ColdFusions, as well as the other technologies with which it can implement, so we are one of the most experenced providers of support and guidance for your ColdFusion applications.

Migration Solutions

First of all, moving your website to ColdFusion or to a newer version of it can sometimes cause headaches and "growing pains." We are here to provide a full solution to fully migrate your existing infrastructure into a new environment so you can continue with your business unimpeded, as well as giving you the tools and support needed to grow your existing ColdFusion offerings.


We offer security checks to ensure the overall security of your ColdFusion installation once it is up and running. We are able to use many of the same tools that would-be hackers have at their disposal, but we are able to execute them in controlled environments to ensure the maximum uptime and confidentiality of business and consumer information.

Server Performance

As part of our ColdFusion Support, we offer the ability to view advanced statistics on your servers' operations. Things such as CPU consumption, load times, and other back-end information can be used to drastically improve the user experience. Using secure, remote SSH enables us to access your systems and gather this information and design and, if you choose, implement, a plan of action to ensure the best possible user experience.

Load Balancing

In addition to optimizing your server performance, load balancing serves as a way to distribute traffic across your network to utilize all available resources in the most efficient manner. Resources will not sit idle as we move distributed computing and various other optimization techniques into place to continue providing the optimal experience for both your end users and your business.

Bug Fixing

When working with complex web applications, often times a certain issue will come up which needs a resolution. Our staff can work with you to solve it with training, or in critical situations, take control and have our trained team of engineers rectify the problem before it spirals out of control. We strive for an error free environment, but with the utilization of other third party extensions and such, often times a quick check by our highly trained staff is all it takes to get everything running smoothly.


Ecom Solutions provides ColdFusion Support in a variety of ways. For some companies, they have a dedicated in house team that is in charge of their Internet presence. Occasionally, these teams need a bit of help from someone who has more experience specialized in ColdFusion specifically, and we are here to help. We offer fixes to ColdFusion problems, so we can help meet a critical deadlines by doing the work ourselves and instructing later.


We offer a FusionReactor support team as well to ensure that your server statistics are accurate and secure. We can help with the installation and use of FusionReactor to create a better tool for your in-house team to use.

EcomSolutions offers all of these as ColdFusion Support mechanisms. We are here for you no matter what. Whether you need us to create an application or website, help move an existing one over to a ColdFusion environment, or help balance your servers and sort out bugs and glitches, we have a specialized team programmers who have years of experience and are always ready to lend a hand. Contact us to see what ColdFusion Solutions EcomSolutions can offer your business.